The Vaccaro bio line is born from the need to blend a conscious, ethical and sustainable lifestyle in a virtuous symbiosis between man and environment. A choice that allows us to offer high quality wines that enhance the aromas of the grapes and the varietal characteristics.
This is our way of finding harmony with nature and affirming our love for the aromas and flavors of a pristine, uncorrupted land from the insane actions of humans: we cultivate respect for the land to leave it unchanged for those who, after us, will follow in our footsteps.

Deep red color with shades of pomegranate red. To the nose it releases notes of red berries. In the mouth it is well-bodied. The tannins are lingering. Overall it is well balanced.

Classification: DOC Sicilia
Varieties: 70% Nero d’Avola 30% Merlot
Alcohol by volume: 13,5% (the alcohol content is indicative and may vary by +/- 0.50% by vol.)
Area of production: Salaparuta, 400 masl, southeast aspect
Soil: Alluvial and deep soils, medium texture. Good content of organic matter.
Training and pruning: Upwards-trained vertical trellis, guyot
Yield per hectare: 8000 kg per hectare of nero d’avola/ 7000kg per hectare of merlot
Vinification: Maceration lasts 12-15 days at 26 °c. After racking, it is aged in oak barrels until the characteristics sought are achieved.

Technical sheet