The moon, ever-changing and loyal, loving and cold, beautiful and mysterious, shrouded by a sense of immortality, has fascinated humankind since the beginning of time. In fact, humans have always endeavored to grasp her sensuality and learn her secrets for living in harmony with mother nature. Over the centuries the regular course of its rising and waning has greatly influenced the popular beliefs. The phases of the moon with the mysterious celestial waves that accompany them regulate human behavior, tides, plant growth, and rainfall. They have great importance in sowing, planting, crop care, harvesting and storage. This fascination and these reflections have inspired our line luna: wines that express nuanced hints and reach deep in the soul of guests charming then the magic of a dream.

The color is greenish yellow. The bouquet features hints of citrus fruit and especially grapefruit and lemon. On the palate the wine is fresh and has a good acid-crisp body.

Classification: Sicilia DOC
Varieties: 100% Grillo
Alcohol by volume : 12,5% Vol. (the alcohol content is indicative and may vary by +/- 0.50% by vol.)
Area of production : Salaparuta, 450 masl, south-east aspect
Soil:Dark and deep alluvial soils, medium texture, sandy-clayey silty composition, good content of organic matter.
Training and pruning: Upwards-trained vertical trellis, guyot
Yield per hectare: 8000 kg per hectare.
Vinification: Grillo is vinified in stainless steel for 20 days at a temperature of 11-12°c. This allows slow fermentation to achieve the expression typical of the variety.

Technical Sheet