The moon, ever-changing and loyal, loving and cold, beautiful and mysterious, shrouded by a sense of immortality, has fascinated humankind since the beginning of time. In fact, humans have always endeavored to grasp her sensuality and learn her secrets for living in harmony with mother nature. Over the centuries the regular course of its rising and waning has greatly influenced the popular beliefs. The phases of the moon with the mysterious celestial waves that accompany them regulate human behavior, tides, plant growth, and rainfall. They have great importance in sowing, planting, crop care, harvesting and storage. This fascination and these reflections have inspired our line luna: wines that express nuanced hints and reach deep in the soul of guests charming then the magic of a dream.

Intense and lively pink color. To the nose it recalls wild berries and wild strawberries. In the mouth the aromatic sensations are strong (candied fruit). The body is balanced with a refreshing acidity.

Classification: Terre Siciliane Igt
Varieties: 100% Nero d’Avola
Alcohol by volume : 12,5% Vol. (the alcohol content is indicative and may vary by +/- 0.50% by vol.)
Area of production : Salaparuta
Soil: Medium soil texture, from moderately deep to deep with a rich skeleton consisting of abundant pebbles, slightly calcareous and patches of dark vegetal soils.
Training and pruning: Upwards-trained vertical trellis, guyot
Yield per hectare: 7000 kg per hectare
Vinification: After maceration temperature at 8°c for eight hours, the must is separated from the skins and then starts the fermentation process at 12-14 °c for about 20 days.

Technical Sheet